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[photo/foto: by V.Lemos]

Urban Explorer (Exploradora Urbano)
When it comes to commuting, I rather walk or travel by city transit whether it’s Toronto or a city I am visiting. Walking is not only a healthy choice, but it allows people to see things that normally get overlooked if you are traveling by bus or car. In my estimation it is the only way to see, learn and get acquainted with the ‘pulse’ of a city.

Tour Guide Experience…
I have led heritage and customized city walks for individuals and groups since 2005.

Old Town Toronto…
I have lived in Corktown, Toronto, since the 1980s.  It is the home to many historic landmarks which includes, and is not limited to: St. Paul’s Basilica  (Toronto’s first Roman Catholic Church); Trinity Church (known as Little Trinity – one of Toronto’s oldest standing buildings); Enoch Turner Schoolhouse; The Consumer’s Gas Buildings on Parliament Street; The Thornton Blackburn site; historic Riverside Church and many more.

Heritage Preservation…
My interest in local history, especially that of Corktown and Toronto’s Old Town Historic District, has led me to acquire a diploma in: Records & Archives Management.  Other studies also include Photography, taken the Ontario College of Art, Toronto. In addition, my research skills and knowledge of archives’ holdings has allowed me to work for individuals and companies in the area of genealogical research.

* Newly Released History Book… (Autor de un libro publicado en diciembre de 2018)
In December 2018, I release my first book titled, “Corktown: The History of a Toronto Neighbourhood and the People Who Made It.” For more information visit: Corktown History